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Movie time

My new app is finally ready after 2 years in the making. Like all my apps it started from a real problem: it took a lot of time to just decide what movie i wanted to see. So, just by selecting a few favorite actors, Cinemagic will recommend the movies you like and will continue to learn and get smarter as you use it.

More info about other cool features on Cinemagic page

Since most of developing time was spent on visual and interaction, here are some of the initial alternative designs from 2014


Aeroplanes flying Free

No more paid upgrades. All the paid features (hard level, big planes, unlimited multiplayer games) are now Free!


Rebus Pro

Pachetul suplimentar de careuri este acum inclus gratuit in versiunea full.

Mai multe detalii despre Rebus Pro aici



I made a small app that covers a missing feature. Take successive photos at selected intervals. And it’s Free


Loto Pro + Watch

Noua versiune aduce versiunea pentru Apple Watch si alte modificari pentru iOS 9 cum ar fi 3D Touch, integrarea rezultatelor in Spotlight si Notification Center

This Is How You Design Your Mobile App for Maximum Growth

When it comes to onboarding, too many apps open for the first time to a series of sliding screens that do nothing more than look pretty and provide more reading about what the product does. Don’t do this.
The users who installed your app already took a set of high-friction actions to find it in the App Store, install it and open it after download. They didn’t do all that just to learn more about your product. No one pauses to read this text. And the very few who do immediately forget what they read when they have to take an action like filling out a signup form.

– via firstround.com